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Missed Enrollment Deadlines for ACA Compliant Coverage?

Short Term Medical Covers the Gap! 

If during all the rush involved with the holiday season and end of year actvities and responsibilities you failed to secure 2016 Healthcare coverage for a January 1 effective date, you will have a lapse in coverage.

The next effective coverage date you may qualify for is February 1, 2016, provided you enroll in a compliant plan by January 15, 2016. Furthermore, if you miss that deadline, your final effective date possible is March 1, 2016 if you enroll by Jan 31, 2016. 

Missing any of the three deadlines mentioned above WILL result in lapse of coverage that may expose you to financial hardships should you experience an unexpected accident or illness during the lapsing period. Luckily, we have a short term solution that will help bridge the gap in lapsed coverage and provide you with peace of mind until your coverage becomes effective.

Short Term Medical coverage is designed to cover short gaps in your health insurance coverage on a limited and short term basis. There are several affordable plans that will help provide you with needed care and services should incidents arise during your coverage gap. This form of coverage is not intended to replace ACA-compliant coverage-- it is a temporary solution only. Enrollment is less complicated than the tedious Marketplace enrollment process and can be completed quickly and easily. In fact, most policies can be issued the next day after completing the application process. Pre-existing conditions are not covered however, as this type of coverage is specifically designed to fill the gap in coverage due to unexpected health issues that arise during your lapsing period.

Short Term plans last anywhere from one month to a year, depending on the plan you choose. For those who are in need of coverage until your ACA-compliant coverage begins, we suggest you look into coverage plans that will cover unexpected issues through the effective date of your major medical coverage and protect you from medical expenses that can get out of control very quickly.

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Short Term Insurance

What are Short Term Medical Insurance Policies?

Short-Term medical policies can provide an affordable safety net for those who are transitioning from one life event to another without a basic major medical plan. Depending on the short-term plan, benefits can be wide-ranging, with some policies providing up to $5 million in individual coverage. Just as the name implies, these health insurance policies are a temporary solution to a short-term insurance gap.

Most plans last one to six months or one to 12 months. The application process is simple and policies can be issued the next day. Most insurers take credit card payments.

The most important thing to remember is that a short-term plan is not designed to cover pre-existing conditions. These are typically defined as any condition you had during a prior period of time prior to the start of coverage. The "look-back" period for these health conditions can vary by state. It's important to answer the health questions on the application honestly. Otherwise, you could wind up with a denial of any treatment related to your pre-existing condition